A few rules because that’s how we roll here.

  1. This is PVE, that means Player Vs. Environment not player vs Everyone šŸ™‚ Keep all Turrets set to Zombies Only, and Mines need to stay within the perimeter of your base. Maybe hang a nice sign if your place is so awesome it could draw gawkers.
  2. Leave player Bags where they are, if they sit awhile call and Admin. You wouldn’t want folks taking your stuff so don’t take theirs.
  3. If your on someone else property respect it, don’t steal crops and go through unsecure cabinets. It’s not nice… again, do unto others.
  4. Cheating and Exploits are not permitted.
  5. Chat needs to stay PG-13. Discriminatory speech of any kind will not be tolerated.
  6. Don’t build in reset zones. You can check by typing /where. Towns and cities are reset weekly to give everyone some fresh loot. If you build in one it will vanish when the area resets.
  7. Don’t destroy loot containers, they do refresh always so nice to go back again and again.