Christmas Poems

Most Years… long ago our Founder would write a Christmas Poem, so I’m putting them here. First is from 1998 ( We think Based on the people mentioned)

Twas the Night before Christmas
and all thru DF land
All the BTU’s were stirring
With a Large Battle Plan

Elv On the rooftops
Sharing His lead
Seminole flirting with women
Trying to Get them in Bed

LD in the Mountains
Sniping His Best
Killing Most of the enemy
and putting them to rest

When what to my blood shot eye should appear
But a mermaid with big breasts
That came swimming so near
she glanced up at me
and batted her eyes
Pulled out a 50 cal
and said it’s time for one eye to die

as I ran from the mermaid
what did I see
Drop dead sniffing glue
hanging from a tree
I stopped and I asked
What are you doing
he replied WaaaDaaaWaaa Kaaa

As I entered the zone
I saw a quick flash
Sharp was slicing and dicing
six fools in the ass

sweet right behind him
wielding a blade in her hand
finishing them off
OH it was SO Grand!

Deadmeat on a hilltop
chuckling with laughter
Popping heads with his rifle
Yelling” I love BTU slaughter”

Lone wolf was a howling
and doing his best
but he lacks PC power
but we accept him like that
skills not as important
as personality is
hopefully Santa will send him
the ram that he needs

Rebel was screaming
a fierce rebel yell
saying “I’ll kill all the enemy
and send then all straight to hell”

Mitch has been here
from almost the beginning
he was here when we lost
and now he’s here when were winning
his skill has improved
much over time
so you better beware
his skill is much more refined

Mr Nasty was doing
what he usually does
His kills get real messy
that’s why he wears latex gloves

Hammer was hammering
some poor bastards face in the ground
when he was finally done
he only weighed about 2 pounds

doc holiday is dueling
2 men at a time
Killing them dead
while shooting two dimes

Mkd for death is also shooting
leaving his mark yes indeed
the enemy is praying
and down on their knees

sarge is yelling the orders
coordinating the attack
he started this battle
with his blade in their backs

Nightgirl sly and sneaky
she’s staying in the zone
Killing the enemy repeatedly
shouting ” stay out of my home”

Micca is shooting
Many Nades in a flurry
wasting many a life
especially those that don’t hurry

As for me I’m a One eyed
Old man with a cane
A merry ‘ol soul
Who Loves playing this game
The reason I started
This squad in the past
was to make lots of friends
and friendships that last
And I say to you all
What could be better than this
BTU Christmas Cheer
We are spreading with bliss
I sit and I think
What great People you are
Some of you Near
and some of you far
But in the end were the same
Because we fight for one cause
You better heed all our warnings
and you better not pause
We are the best that there is
everyone knows this to be true
Now run for your Lives


This one is from 2000

twas the Night before Christmas
with no snow on the ground
there were things that were moving
but No One around

The camo was working
with the clothes they they wear
painted faces and hands
but nobody’s there

the enemy moving in
to take the high ground
sure that they’ll win
when were all under ground

underestimate the friends
of the BTU squad
was their fatal mistake
and the end of their cause

Omega opened fire
and took out their lead
sarge snuck in from behind
to make some of them bleed

sinjin threw a grenade
and blew some apart
Badger opened one up
and ripped out his heart

sweets lured some in
by batting her eyes
and died by her hand
when they fell for her lie

Living dead didn’t wait
as he caused a few Pain
sat down and then dined
on some fresh Bloody brains

Bary Manilo started singing
with his gun very loud
taking out a few more
from the enemy crowd

seminole sat waiting
aimed his nade gun up high
let a few go
and the started to cry

One eye sat watching
from a tree top up high
he watched in amazement
as the last few got fried

this squad that he started
Those Many years ago
Makes him feel proud
of the friends that he knows

so if you think your the best
you better think again
the BTU’s will be waiting
and when were done it’s the end

you’ll be dead or be dying
this is a fact
their is No one better
the way we Kill and attack

so run for your lives
and run for the hills
in the end we’ll be in first place
with the most fu–ing Kills!

Merry Christmas!

Not sure where these two fall in 🙂

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