Welcome to BTU’s Website. BTU was founded in 1997 or so by one Crazy guy Named One Eye. He had a penchant for running around with a rocket launcher glued to his eyeball and blasting friend and foe alike. He made a few discoveries along the way, a lot of people cheat and that’s never fun but its great when you can kill a cheat. He and some of his friends decided to start a squad based off of playing fair and with good sportsmanship, with a little smack talk thrown in for fun. It started with Delta Force a Novalogic game and continued on through each game they released. The final Game we played as a group was Join Operations. Most of us have wandered off over the years quite a few kept the tags and it was handed off by the “Eye Man” to a few of us years ago. He’s still here though… old smoldering rocket launcher primed. We keep through Facebook and time goes on.

If you were wondering what the BTU stood for, well it’s right there in the rules. We were, and still are, Better Than U. Maybe not better players, although none of us were awful, but better people who simply wanted to have some fun. We ran our own servers, and made our own maps for those servers, several hundred maps.
Right now you can find us in 7 Days to Die, PuBG, Empyrion, World Of Tanks, Call Of Duty, Counter Strike, Dead By Daylight, Overwatch, Arma III, Left for Dead, BF4, League of Legends, and on occasion… I still Fire up Landwarrior. Which is oddly on Steam, Joint Ops too (wink)