7 Days To die Tips for the new A17

We waited and waited for A17 to launch. Experimental has been out for a month now. It’s not stable yet but we feel confidant that we have some valid long term tips for you now. Here is our top ten

#1 Be Cautious, the zombies are not completely mindless. They will go around, or over objects. They Jump and in some case leap at you. They will go out a window to come up those stairs at you that you blocked. Zombies will go up a floor to drop on you from above. It doesn’t always makes sense and you can round robin them… but like I said be cautious.

#2 Be Aware, Zombies dig, and will dig right down to your hidey hole on horde night and snack on you. They dig quickly and efficiently as only the undead can. Blocks and dirt and wood and cement, they just scrabble at it with their claws until they break through

#3 Be Smart, crouch is your friend. Yes, it is slower but you can sneak now and you should. Get in close and pick those zombies off before they notice you. When you have ninja with a few points and head shot you can clear houses efficiently and safely.

#4 Be prepared your health and stamina drop from your max over time. Eating and drinking will bring it back to full. If it’s not full your character will weaken making them more encumbered, and slower tiring them more quickly and making you easy meat.

#5 World War Z, have you seen it? Well the zombies now will climb on each other right up and over your walls and then dig through your roof to get at you.

#6 Horde night is so much more than it was. Nerd Polling was a disaster, Roof of a house reinforced, ripped down. The Zombies went for the walls and the supports, dropping the building. Four Pillars and shooting down. Vultures now come from above spitting like Zombie cops. Your best bet is a line defense and fall back when you need to. Have someone watch the sky 🙂

#7 Trader quests are worth it. At level one you may not need a friend but it’s fun to party now, shared XP and a purpose. Both were missing from 7 days version 16.4.

#8 Make a plan. If you play with a group it is smart to give each member a function in that group. Farmer, Engineer, Hunter… It may not matter later but it will be a huge advantage at first. If you play Solo go the Ninja route, stealth is your best friend now. Point’s are capped by both level and the main Perk itself forcing you to spread points around but spending them wisely is important.

#9 Spike traps are your friend, they wont stop a full on assault but may give you time to fall back to a better location.

#10 Have fun, it is still experimental there are still bugs. There will always be bugs. Some of the more annoying ones now in B208 are the chainsaw and Auger sound lingering. Trader Jens voice and overall optimization.