Come Play 7 Days to Die with us.

Well, we did it, We put in a Seven Days to Die server. Server info can be found here.
Nothing real fancy, I mean it is Zombies after all. For those of you unfamiliar with the game let me give you a brief description. The world was ravaged by the zombie apocalypse, you survived. Now use you wits to survive. In a nutshell its considered a Survival crafting game. You build your home to defend against the ravenous hordes of the undead. You have Guns, bows, knives, rpgs, turrets, traps… but you need to get the materials and plan out your place. All while not dying from attacks, disease, hunger the cold, the heat… you get the idea. along the way you meet new friends… errr…1156593110_preview_dog.jpg

After avoiding the Undead and working hard you can build up some truly amazing things…. Like this…

A68108EBCC0D737626C80B5E2A53586FD23B88F7 (1920×1080)I built that… It didn’t work out to escape the hordes but it was a fun project. 7 days to die is a fun game no matter what you want to do, Our server is Not PVP enabled so you can build to your hearts content… provided the zombies let you anyway. The Admins in game are friendly and helpful and we would love to have you come see us.

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